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Payroll Processing

Payroll processing that’s easy to use and loaded with features.

Tax Calculations  & Payments

Purpose calculates  your payroll taxes, and pays them automatically to the government.

Direct Deposits or Checks

Pay your employees the way they want to be paid. You can change the process at any time with no additional fees.

Payroll Reports

Choose from hundreds of standardized reports, or allow us to create one to fit your needs.

Pay Contractors

Pay your 1099 contractors as well as your W-2 employees, and have everything generated automatically at year end.

PAYO Workers’ Comp

Appointed with most carriers, pay as you go workers’ comp simplifies your business process and nearly eliminates the year end audit.

New Hire Reporting

As your company grows we help make the process easy. All of your new hires are reported directly to the state on your behalf

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