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What is Purpose Employer Solutions?
PES is an administrative services organization (ASO) offering flexible, comprehensive solutions for the small-to medium-sized employers. We contract with businesses to act as an extension of the human resources department by providing a full spectrum of value-added human resource services that can be tailor-fit to for your company.

What is an ASO?
Administrative service organizations (ASOs) administer employee-related services such as payroll, benefits, worker compensation and risk management.

What is the difference between an ASO and a PEO?
Both of these employee administration models offer to administer clients’ human resource programs, but in very different ways. An ASO is a service provider, and all human resource policies and employee benefits are maintained in the client’s name. In this model employers maintain a sole relationship with their employees and clients are not limited to the benefits provided by a PEO (Professional Employer Organization).

Why would a business outsource its Human Resources?
Outsourcing human resources responsibilities has many benefits. Hiring outside experts to handle these non-revenue-generating activities allows businesses to focus more time and energy on their core competencies while increasing employment law compliance and reducing risk of violation. Companies also benefit by contracting Purpose Employer Solutions because it puts human resource technology at their fingertips and provides them direct access to experienced human resource professionals.

What makes Purpose Employer Solutions different from other solutions in the marketplace?
While there are many solutions in the marketplace that offer similar services to Purpose Employer Solutions, we believe we are a foot ahead when it comes to customer service. Our services are seamlessly integrated giving clients one point of customer service contact. As well, we have deep roots in the commercial insurance industry, which provides advanced expertise in workers compensation, group benefits, human resources and risk management.

How can I get more information?
If you have questions about Purpose Employer Solutions or want to enlist our services, call 888.497.7737 or email us. We offer a no-cost needs analysis to help your company determine what services you may need.

If you are a Purpose Employer Solutions client, please call 888.497.7737 to get prompt assistance from your account manager.